This little guide will hopefully [fingers crossed]  help you navigate through this whole printables game.  You see a print you like.  You download it.  You print it.  That simple right?


A printable is a digital file (invitation or wall art) that you purchase, download and can then print endlessly for your personal use. The most commonly used in The Chevron Heart Digital Shop is a .jpg /.jpeg or a .pdf file. Once you've purchased your printable, you can either print your art from your home printer or take the file to a professional at a local print shop. The beauty of printables is that they are so affordable and easy to access!


Once you have purchased your printable, it will be emailed to you for downloading. Your artwork will be available to you in a .zip file.  A .zip file is a collection of  files which are compressed into one single file.  Once you receive the .zip file you can open it and you will have access to the printables.  Double click on the .zip file and you will see the folders and files contained inside.  In most operating systems .zip files are handled internally. You will typically not need extra software. And if you do need software, there are a lot available like WinRAR, PeaZip and iZip.  If those do not work, please contact us at hello@the and  we will gladly help you out!


Our wall art come in different sizes to avoid any distortion while printing.  Our printables are available in the most popular frame sizes.

Print sizes include:

5x7in,  8x10in, 11x14in,  16x20in & 18x24in 

Birthday invites:

5x7in (includes trim lines)

The Chevron Heart printables are all 300DPI.  DPI stands for the number of dots in a printed inch and used to determine an image resolution.  The more dots the higher the quality of the print. 300DPI is the ideal size for a clear picture!



For a high quality print, the paper quality is key!  The Chevron Heart  illustrations are printed on high quality uncoated  thick acid free white card stock (325gsm).  We recommend printing your printables on thick, heavy card stock with a minimum weight of 230gsm. This quality paper is so important for the longevity of your print.  High quality paper does not warp or curl easily. We also love a matte finish because it creates a nice smooth finish to your artwork.  Shiny paper reflects light.

For a high quality print job we suggest you use pigment-based inks because they last much longer than dye inks. Pigment-based inks are also waterproof and chemical free.

Hopefully this little breakdown helps you in your printables journey.  We plan to add prints to keep things fresh & fun for you and your little one. 

Don't forget that we also sell ready to ship prints in our shop in the Illustrated Art Prints section and fill in the blank birthday invitations in the Birthday Invitations section!




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